MARYSIA is Poland's newest and most exciting singing sensation who has already taken her home country and Japan by storm. A collaboration of acclaimed international producers, including Daisuke Hinata of Japan, Atle Bakken of Norway, Bud Rizzo of the United States and Ger O'Halloran of Ireland have combined their talents to transform this young prodigy into one of the hottest pop/dance artists to emerge. Her debut album "LUCKY STAR", released through hyperdisc Records in conjunction with Toshiba-EMI, is not only a testament to the best in pop music, it culminates years of hard work and professional training.

The product of a musical family, MARYSIA has been in the spotlight since she was a child. Her first solo album "Autumn Disco" was #1 on the adult music charts, even though MARYSIA was only fourteen when she recorded it. After years of major success in Poland, this talented, versatile, classically trained singer, dancer, choreographer, pianist, composer and video director is wild and crazy about her latest project.

Speaking of crazy MARYSIA's debut single entitled "Crazy", as well as two other songs from her debut album 'LUCKY STAR", have been individually featured on three of the most successful Dancemania Compilations, Dancemania 7, 8 and 9.

"Crazy" is a unique, upbeat blend of mesmerizing dance beats combined with MARYSIA's, sultry, hypnotizing vocals. Don't miss your only chance to get wild and crazy with the latest high energy, female pop icon. Get ready, because...

ready or not MARYSIA is here;
here to play, and here to stay.