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   california dreaming'

   volume one
    trance 'n breaks mix
    by mark tabberner

    featuring tracks & remixes by
    christopher lawrence, sandra collins,
    lunatic calm, futureshock, plump djs
    and many more

    out on 03.27.01
    (hyperdisc / nurding / 3Dsystem :

    available exclusively in JAPAN!

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CD Volume One

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mark tabberner;
mark tabberner One of the most positive influences of the electro culture is the brilliant blend of ambient, progressive & trance tempo beats from Mark Tabberner. From his debut residency at Renaissance in the UK in 1991 to his 2000 residency fat Giant in LA, Mark's sought after mixing has stood the test of time. In between Mark has played the biggest name venues & clubs worldwide from Manchester's legendary Hacienda & the early days of Ministry of Sound in London, to Ibiza's Cafe Del Mar, Pacha & Ku. Mark first dropped his special blend of liquid funk on the shores of the US in late 1996 & since toured all over spinning at America's tightest clubs, Spundae in San Francisco, Twilo's new year's Day 2000 Party at Float, Liquified Atlanta, Los Angeles' notorious Viper Room & now, residencies at the US's super club Giant in LA, as well as these headlining dates nationwide Mark has been out on the road with his old Renaissance comrades, Sasha & Digweed on their 2000 US tour & was also personally chosen to DJ for BT on his latest US tour.

1. Lunatic Calm "Centista"
      (Elite Force Redesign 2k Mix)
2. Mike & Charlie "I Get Live"
      (Dave London Mix)
3. Plump DJs "Move With It."
4. God Within "Raincry"
      (Koma & Bones Mix)
5. Klinkenberg "Saurus"
      (Mark Shimmon and 3rd Degree Mix)
6. Futureshock "Sparc"
7. Christopher Lawrence "Cruise Control"
8. Sandra Collins "Ode to Our"
      (Steve Porter Remix)
9. Auratone "Falling"
10. Pete Lorimer "Hooligan Theme"
11. Pure Nova "Awakening"
      (Christopher Lawrence Mix)
12. East Side Ambush "Harlem Heat"