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    Global Disc Records / Edel America Records (ED182252)

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    If you are a non-believer who thinks that once you've heard them all, then you are definitely in for a magnificent treat. "Las Brisas de Habana" is like nothing you've ever heard before. The heart, mind and soul of Cuba is what lies behind the words and music of this incredible collection of beautifully romantic and passionate songs. Each artist, through their own words and in their own unique style describes how they think and feel about their music, their culture, their homeland and eventually themselves. Never before has the island of Cuba and its inhabitants been exposed in such a deep, revealing light as it is here on this wonderful album. The artists not only speak of love and romance, but pain, loss, heartache, disappointment and so many other emotions that make the human experience in Cuba compare so closely to the human experience all over the world that each and every one of us share.


  • Havana Now! The Havana Sessions
    Global Disc Records / Edel America Records (ED90202)

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    Havana Now! CD "With its spicy, danceable blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, Havana Now! Captures the vibrant spirit of today's rapidly evolving Cuban music scene"

    Havana Now! The Havana Sessions is an intoxicating blend of artists, songs and styles of Cuban music, recorded in Havana, Cuba. Havana Now! Represents the contemporary music of Havana today.


    Global Disc Records/Platinum Entertainment (15095-9564-2)

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    Cubamania CD 'Cubamania!' CD, DVD Showcases Top Havana Musicians

    Virtual Sightseeing Tour of Havana and Live Performances Featured on 'Cubamania!' DVD

    Cubamania! Festival Attracts MTV 'Road Rules' And "Semester At Sea" / Episode in Cuba

    Cubamania!, the third release in an unprecedented series of recordings that capture the passion of Cuban music, will be released on compact disc Tuesday, June 8th, by Global Disc Records, a division of Platinum Entertainment. In July, Cubamania! will be released on DVD, featuring live performances, rehearsals, interviews and more.

    Recorded at the historical Sono Caribe Studio during Havana's first-ever Cubamania! Festival, the 13 sizzling tracks on Cubamania! showcase a variety of native styles, including nueva salsa, timba and salsa. Produced by Grammy-nominated Daisuke Hinata, Cubamania! captures the sound, mood and allure of the forbidden island."Every musician heard on Cubamania! is a major celebrity on the island," says Hinata. "Over the last year, I have been fortunate to enjoy wonderful relationships with some of the most incredible salsa bands in Cuba. I'm lucky to have these amazing artists perform at our festival as well as participate on my record."

    Airing in June, MTV's popular "Road Rules" series, with a potential audience of 63 million U.S. households, was granted unlimited access to videotape the recording sessions at the Sono Caribe Studio, as well as the Cubamania! Festival, which took place in March of '99 at Casa de Musica, in the heart of Havana's colonial section and featured some of the island's most talented musicians, including the all-stars on 'Cubamania!'

    The Cubamania! DVD, scheduled to be released in July 1999, will contain a virtual sightseeing tour of Havana, including live performances from the first Cubamania! Festival, artist interviews, rehearsals and other behind-the-scenes activities. This unique video document portrays the Mardi Gras-like atmosphere that embraced Havana during the Cubamania! Festival, and the spirit of Cuban musicians who demonstrate a raw, almost heroic ability to produce intensely powerful, beautiful and soulful music.

    Selecting the musicians for Cubamania! turned into a series of Solomon-like decisions for Hinata. "We received an overwhelming response from local artists that wanted to be part of this project," he says. "Ideally, we wanted to achieve a sound that reflects Havana's growing music scene, a constantly evolving blend of Cuban pop, jazz and funk with such traditional music styles as timba, salsa and nueva salsa."

    Global Disc Records and Platinum Entertainment are planning a massive World and Latin music marketing campaign that will penetrate a wide range of outlets, from cigar bars to coffee houses. A special promo video will be made available to the media and retail. Jonathan Platt, Global Disc Records executive producer, said, "As a label, we are very excited about teaming with Platinum Entertainment on a project that highlights the talented musicians and artists that live on that little treasure island."

    Several artists that perform on Cubamania!, as well as the previously released Global Disc/Platinum Entertainment albums Songs From the Heart of Cuba (Romantica de Cuba) and Rhythm & Smoke, are scheduled to tour major U.S. cities this summer. Performers already signed to the tour include Maraca, Arte Mixto and Bamboleo.

  • Yasue LAKTIA
    Limited release in Japan from BMG Funhouse (BVCF-34003)

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    Laktia CD - Album Concept -

    "LAKTIA" is an open and honest exploration of truth reaching the depths of her and her listener's inner being.

    Beginning where the beautiful and decorative journey of her first album ended, YASUÉ travels to the edges of her perceived reality and, through her music, welcomes all of humanity to join her.

    Relax and listen as you absorb the overflow of courage and strength that will enhance your inner-most instincts and reveal your brightest and most delightful emotions.

    Dig deeply inside your spiritual self with an open mind, and allow her pure musical visions to guide you on a fantasy filled exploration of your soul. YASUÉ's insight and imagery will cause you to peel away the surface of your existence to expose your truest nature and your greatest power.

    "Peel away the surface of your mind
    in order to find your most peaceful heart;
    Let the bells ring to awaken your natural spirit
    for the good of your body and your best way of life."

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